Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hello Everyone!
If you have not seen or heard from me in a while, here is an update. I am currently living in Redding, California and am a senior at Simpson University.  I previously attended Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington and graduated, in 2010 with an Associate in Arts Degree. I am planning to graduate in December 2013 as a Cross-Cultural Studies major with an emphasis in ministry.

This summer I have been given the opportunity to complete my Cross-Cultural internship, required for my degree, in southern Kerala, India. There in India I will be working with Rev. Abraham Sabu and his son, Siby Sabu, to record a creative concept album highlighting the love and grace of God. I have worked on writing and arranging this album for over a year. This creative work will allow me to collaborate with the people of another culture, country and worldview, for an extended period of time. In doing so, I will learn what it is like to not only communicate cross-culturally and gain insight into what it means to respect and honor another person’s culture, but how to work with a community of people to help create my artistic vision. The trip is planned to happen:  April 27th to May 25th, 2013.

It is an honor to invite you to partner with me in this adventure and in the completion of my degree requirements. I would be honored if you would consider partnering with me in prayer and in finances. It is going to cost me three thousand dollars to make this plan happen. Anything you can sow into my life, ministry and education will help me tremendously.
This money will allow me to purchase airfare, food costs, housing and recording time in the studio. I will be bringing my trumpet, and will borrow and or rent instruments in India to use. The recording time is considerably less expensive than it is here in the states, so each song will cost about $300. We are planning to produce a ten song album in at least four weeks. (The trip may be a little longer though).

If you have any ideas of jobs and/or fund raising techniques that you would like to inform me of, please let me know. If you have a job for me in Redding, or at another time in the future, you can let me know as well. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support so far in my life and education. I appreciate you, very much. God bless you, and thank you for your prayerful consideration.

With Joy and Thanksgiving,
Fariss Ryan  

If you would like to give and/or would like more information please email me at:

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